New-Sally-Twisp“Celebrate Vicky,” an afternoon in the Twisp town park for family and friends of Vicky Welch, will take place this Saturday (Aug. 3) from 1-5 p.m. The formal program begins at 2 p.m. and will be followed by a community potluck. Take lawn chairs or blankets.

Beverly and Dr. Joe Jensen recently flew to Hanover, Penn., to celebrate his mother’s 92nd birthday, then on to Milwaukee to meet their daughter Phoebe. And Phoebe, before meeting her parents in Wisconsin, had been living in Cuzco, Peru, where she taught English and was learning Spanish.

After meeting in Milwaukee, Phoebe and Bev had a ball shopping for furnishings for her new apartment.

Phoebe is settling into her new home, ready to begin her first year of medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The Medical College is a regional medical center with education, research and clinical arms. As Joe explained the school to me, the 800 medical students learn in a unified complex of multidisciplinary studies. This means that Phoebe can complete her four years of study and training, including residency, within the medical center complex.

A microbiology graduate of Washington State University, Phoebe is interested in studying infectious diseases. Her love of travel will possibly lead her to the field of global medicine. Phoebe is a graduate of Liberty Bell High School.

Substitute librarian Barbara Waters says that book offerings on the new “Book Club Favorites” shelves are becoming popular as patrons discover the display. The trade paperbacks are provided by North Central Regional Library and replace Twisp’s “Community Favorites” (though a few of those books remain on the bottom shelf of the same section).

Barbara is one of five substitute librarians at Twisp Library for the month while librarian Terry Dixon and her husband, Steve, are in Maryland. Substitute Jennifer Laughlin makes getting materials back to the shelves and accessible to patrons a key daily task.

Without library volunteers, Jennifer says, librarians would have a hard time keeping up. The substitutes enjoy getting to know patrons. At least one finds troubleshooting the computers her most difficult task, but housekeeping in the children’s area is a constant chore.

Sarah Zoss is generally the Saturday librarian. On Saturdays the library is always crowded as many people visit the market and the library. Rita Anderson, whom many of you know as a Winthrop sub, and Diana Hottell are also regular substitutes in Twisp.

Substitute librarians are not volunteers (though I know for certain they don’t do the job for the high wages). After they apply for the job, they are interviewed by the area supervisor. Training consists of six to eight hours on the job with Terry Dixon as well as additional regional library training sessions for substitutes. And, yes, if they wanted to sub, they had to take a test on the Dewey Decimal System.