Okanogan County Superior Court

The court found probable cause to charge Raymond James Tannehill, 22, of Winthrop, with two counts second-degree Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Unlawful Carrying of a Loaded Pistol in a Vehicle. Bail was set at $15,000. Tannehill was pulled over on Canyon Street in Twisp for failure to use a turn signal, according to court reports. The officer observed a handgun between the two front seats. Tannehill also had a rifle behind the front seat, the reports said.

Richard Otis Carver, 69, of Kingston, was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2,952.29 to a resident of Winthrop. The resident was officially divorced from Carver and out of town when Carver was living on her property and using her electricity. When officers arrived at the residence Carver was in the process of removing items from the house.


Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

July 22

CAR PROWL: It was reported that a window was broken out of a vehicle on Highway 20; specific location was not reported.

MISSING PERSON: A caller on Patterson Lake Road reported that his wife had left the location earlier in the day and had not returned.

July 23

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Caller reported that a large vehicle had been parked on the side of the road on Highway 20 north of Carlton for some time.

July 24

DISABLED VEHICLE: It was reported that a vehicle was parked on Patterson Lake Road with its emergency flashers operating.

ANIMAL NOISE: Caller on West Chewuch Road near Winthrop reported that a neighbor’s dog had been barking for a long time.

July 25

DEATH: A possible suicide was reported on West Chewuch Road near Winthrop; a deputy reported that a body was found at the scene.

THEFT: A theft was reported at a residence on East Chewuch Road near Winthrop.

FIRE: A power line fire was reported on Poorman Creek Road west of Twisp.

FIRE: A wildland fire was reported on Balky Hill Road northeast of Twisp. The fire apparently was caused by vehicle exhaust.

July 26

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported at storage units on Highway 153.

July 27

STRAY ANIMAL: Three horses – two palominos and a bay – were reported loose at Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road and Bear Creek Road.

NOISE: Loud music, possibly from a party, was reported on Twin Lakes Road near Winthrop.


Twisp Police Department

July 22

THEFT: A theft of credit cards and cash was reported on North Methow Valley Highway.

TRAFFIC PROBLEM: A motor home was reported to be disabled in the southbound lane of Highway 20 between Twisp and Winthrop, and was partially blocking traffic.

July 23

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident was reported at North Methow Valley Highway and East Second Avenue.

CHECK ON WELFARE: Police were asked to check on the welfare of a man seen walking westbound on Highway 20.

NOISE: A noise complaint was reported on Canyon Street; it was the second day of loud music from the location.

July 27

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Loud screaming and cursing were reported at a location on Bridge Street.

CITIZEN ASSIST: An officer assisted a woman who had fallen off of her bike on Highway 20.

July 28

NOISE: Loud music was reported on Twisp Avenue.

VEHICLE PROWL: A car prowl was reported in progress at Methow Valley Highway and Wagner Street.

July 29

CHILD ABUSE: Caller reported that a vehicle was parked in a store parking lot with the motor running and two unattended children inside.



Winthrop Marshal’s Office

July 23

HARASSMENT: An incident of harassment was reported at an apartment building.

July 25

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident was reported on Highway 20; a deer was removed from the roadway.

SICK ANIMAL: Another injured deer was reported.

MISCHIEVOUS ACTIVITY: Juveniles on skateboards were reported doing damage in a parking lot on Riverside Avenue.

July 27

MEDICAL PROBLEM: An infant on Waring Street was reported to have been stung by bees approximately seven times.

CIVIL MATTER: Caller on Lufkin Lane asked for information about options related to an abandoned vehicle on their property.



SOURCE: Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office