Mazama-catBy BOB SPIWAK

It did not last too long here in West Boesel, but the rains finally came after a week of 90-plus degree days. The thunder began grumbling early in the evening, then came the cracking and soon after that the lightning. The air smelled like an ozone-dosed flower shop as the rain began to fall.

There have been readers who question why we devote so much information to the weather, when all they need to do is look out the window, observe and remember. The answer is manifold: First, it depends on where “the window” is located, and a good example would be last night when, as it poured up here, there was no precipitation in Twisp. Another reason is that approximately one-third of our subscribers live out of the valley, and some of these, out of state. They care.

From out of the valley, over our house about 10 p.m., appeared a trio of helicopters, military Blackhawk choppers (the big guys), who continued their flight and according to locals’ reports on the scene, landed at the Lost River airstrip. They were somewhat over tree-top altitude, very noisy and window-vibrating.

I thought it was pretty neat, but others were not so taken with the event and there was a brief flurry of plus and minus commentary on the bulletin board at, both for and against what seem to be military maneuvers. The whirlybirds did not stay long. We heard of a letter of apology from the military for not forewarning residents, but have not seen such.

Ms. Gloria asks that thanks be given to the friend “… who responded to the sight of my apparent distress signal of an open car hood in our carport.”  There was a note that the friend was Hollywood screenwriter David Eyre, although it took five minutes to identify the signature. I hope his scripts are not done in cursive.

“Blue River Resources Ltd. Acquires Mazama Copper Deposit in Washington.” Thanks to Steve Bondi of the North Cascades Basecamp for steering us to a website whose headline is the one quoted above. Datelined Vancouver (probably B.C.), there are some introductory comments, and it says that Blue River “… acquired a 100 percent interest in the Mazama Copper deposit located in Okanogan county, Washington, USA” and goes on elsewhere in the press release to state, “Griffen Jones, President of Blue River states, ‘We are very excited about the acquisition of a near-surface copper deposit in nearby Washington state. The Mazama deposit positions the company with a development stage asset that is relatively close to Vancouver, B.C. The Mazama project is located approximately 43 kilometers [27 miles] south of Osoyoos, B.C.’”

“Blue River” seems an oxymoronic name for a copper extracting company. Seasoned residents of the Methow may remember the backlash that occurred when Quintana Mining was expected to extract copper from the site, back in the 1980s or ’90s.

The Mazama Store has some new hours of operation and for now these refer only to the outside dining facility. Thursday through Saturday, there’ll be beer and brats from 4-9 p.m. From Friday through Sunday, there’ll be ice cream sold out the window. Mix the two treats at your own peril. Normal store hours will still prevail for things like Tums and fresh vegetables from the just-installed new cooler in the northwest corner.