20 years ago  – July 22, 1993history-p

REMEMBER THE DAYS – when Methow Valley residents enjoyed (or suffered) day after day of cloudless skies and hot weather? This July, however, a day at Pearrygin Lake is rare, and someone with the courage to go in is even rarer.



40 Years Ago –  July 26, 1973

A multitude of problems faced the Methow Valley School Board during their July regular meeting, include the resignation of Lew Cooley, double shifting of students and principal negotiations. Wednesday night, July 18, directors accepted the sole bid of 8-1/2 cents per half-pint on supplying luncheon milk for the coming term.

The bid, by Okanogan-Meadowmoore Dairy, was ¾ cent higher than a year ago.


Directors authorized transfer of a 100-yard strip of Allen Elementary school grounds to the town of Twisp as right-of-way for the Bigelow Street extension.

In return the board will receive a water line to the district bus garage.


There will be night swimming at the Ernest O. Wagner Memorial Pool in Twisp from 7 to 9 pm during the rest of the season, according to pool manager Dennis Smith.

Linda Boston, Dee Arnson and Mrs. Mitchell have received 10-mile cards and Dennis Smith has earned a 20-mile card from the Swim and Stay Fit class.



60 years ago –   July 30, 1953

A letter was received this morning by the local postmaster from Samuel J. Hale, Dist. Supt. Of  Postal Transportation Service stating that Joe Lockhart, the star route driver, has been asked to not perform delivery to star route boxes.

Lockhart has been cited by State Highway Patrol for delivering mail to boxes on the left hand side of the highway.

Recommendations have been sent in as of today, for ways in which to work out the situation.

The local postmaster asks patrons to be patient until suitable delivery is arranged.


A birthday dinner on the lawn was served in honor of Shirley Wilson this week, with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Newbury, Gary and Janice, Mrs. A Newbury, Mrs. Edna Schulz, David and Shirley, Mrs. Charles Breslin, Mary and Linda and the Wilson family enjoying the occasion.

Games were played by the young people and Monty showed movies of Scatter Lake with its rugged mountains and snow fields.

Cake, ice cream and punch were served later in the evening.



80 years ago –  July  28, 1933

Will some kindly person step up to the front of the parade and put in a telephone at the swimmin’ hole? Us parents need our kids to come home occasionally, and also, others are neglecting their work.

Many a wife thinks her hubby is sweating away at the office, while the swimming hole gets popular favor.

We are not mentioning the names of those, however, who drop in at their early convenience to advance their subscription date another year.


Yes, this 28-cent gasoline is putting many of us on our feet again. Walking and riding horses in this vicinity is not unusual.

Fishing in the Methow river for trout is reported good by the many fishermen who throng its shores.

Ole Nordang, brother of Mrs. Stennes, fell and broke his arm a few days ago.



100 years ago –   August 1 , 1913

Twisp’s new fire bell arrived this week, and will be set up at once on the premises next to the town hall, where a tower will be erected for the purpose.

The new bell weighs 400 pounds, and has a voluminous ring that will distinguish it from other bells. It is a handsome piece of goods that the fire laddies as well as the people of the town may feel proud of.

However, we shall hope that its use will never be required other than for fire drills.


There is a rushing business on at the town pound, and the enterprising town marshal will wax fat this week on  the impounding of stock that has thoughtlessly drifted within the town limits, or being kept within the limits, has strayed out upon the commons.

The charge for the release of an animal impounded is one dollar, and fifty cents per day for feed in addition thereto. After the animal has been kept for three days it is advertised and sold at auction.

Among the stock now impounded, the ownership of which is uncertain, is the following:

3-yr old steer, white spot in face, branded W.L. on right ribs, red heifer and calf branded W.L. on right ribs.

Bald faced yearling red heifer two horseshoes on left hip, red yearling heifer, branded 3 links on right hip, wearing sheep bell, sorrel horse, 4 years old, scar on right side of neck, dark tail.


Compiled by Marilyn Bardin