Watch out when you turn a group of ladies loose and say, “let’s clean it up.” Dirt and dust bunnies didn’t have a chance.

That’s what happened last Wednesday on our clean-up day. Once a month we try to do some deep cleaning. Then we have lunch and a good visit. Fun can be had working with friends.

Judy Swank is going to do massages on Monday (July 29). There is a sign-up sheet at the desk. Also, that is the day of the door prize drawing. Always surprises in the basket.

Bingo last Thursday drew 21 players, with quite a few happy winners. How better to spend a few hours on a hot afternoon?

We still have three large, very heavy radiators we want to get rid of. If you do scrap metal and are interested in removing them, let us know by calling 997-7722.

Our get-well wishes to everyone who is under the weather. It’s no fun being sick in the summer, or any other time.

Drink lots of water and put a bit of lemon in it – that helps hydrate the system and is a good antioxidant. And stay cool!


Senior menu

Thur, July 25: Sweet and sour chicken, rice, stir fry vegetables, coleslaw, fruit salad, garlic bread, frosted cake.

Fri, July 26: Swiss bacon quiche, tossed green salad, cucumber and tomato salad, assorted melons, blueberry muffin.

Mon, July 29: Scalloped potatoes and ham casserole, garden salad, broccoli, applesauce, whole wheat bread or roll, cookies.

Thur, Aug. 1: Salmon with dill sauce, rice pilaf, Caribbean vegetables, coleslaw, whole wheat bread or roll, applesauce.