The Okanogan County planning commissioners heard Monday (July 22) from proponents of a planned development proposed for Wolf Creek and from neighbors who have filed an appeal of the project.

The development would include five lots with single-family residences that could be used as nightly rentals, according to the proposal. The majority of the 27 acres would remain in open space.

Neighbors in the area filed an appeal because they are concerned about access and safety issues on the steep and narrow Left Fork Wolf Creek Road, particularly from tourists unfamiliar with the area. They also raised questions about one lot they believe is impermissibly sited too close to the creek.

Gil Webber, an attorney for the developer, said some opposed to the plan are being hypocritical because they want to “close the gate” behind them.

“We were all tourists once,” he said. He said the developer had made generous concessions in the proposal.

The planning commissioners will take up the proposal after the county commissioners hear the appeal on Aug. 6.