Mazama-catBy BOB SPIWAK

As promised, we are leading with a news report from Midge Cross about her adventures at Whistler, B.C., in the “Tough Mudder” event. This is a few weeks post-date, but interesting.  Interesting to us, not only for the content, but amazement at what drives people to do stuff like this.

As Midge tells it, “A team from Winthrop Physical Therapy traveled to Whistler to do the event. And it was tough. Not a race, the course traversed about 12 [obstacled] miles many of which are modeled on the British Special Forces obstacles.”

The team of locals who called themselves Pete’s (Dickinson) Dragons was comprised of Laurie Miller, Tedra Acheson, her brother Jon-Eric, Patty Christensen, Midge Cross and Pat Leigh.

Sadly, Pat broke her ankle on obstacle No. 3 and was carried away by the medics. The rest of the team pressed on regardless, with all but Pat finishing over the last obstacle, the 12-foot high “Berlin Walls.”

For this they got a “fabulous” orange headband and black T-shirt. Near the beginning is something called “Ice Bath Enema,” where participants go through a dumpster-like contrivance filled with ice water. There is another where they race through an area of deep mud with 10,000-volt live-wires overhead. Historically, only 78 percent of mudders finish the event.

“It’s hard for me to describe the obstacles,” said Midge. “It’s best to Google ‘Tough Mudder.’ It was tough especially because I was wet after the ice bath at the second obstacle and never fully dried or warmed up until the event was over.”

Midge says she would do it again, but on a warm sunny day. This event had her badly chilled. Not too many years ago she didn’t quite make it to the summit of Mount Everest due to overheating. Is she crazy? As an advocate of indolence and sloth, I’d say she was.  But at the same time she is smart, cuddly and cute. It all evens out.

A week after a Fourth of July shindig at the community hall, the first Mazama Market of the season opened there with vendors of produce, pies, coffee, gourmet pickled vegetables, flowers, plants, many arts and crafts, tin toys, honey and even a hive of bees.  Hot weather was moderated some by an afternoon breeze and “the music was wonderful,” said my source, who also happens to be the sorceress I live with.

It was also the debut evening of the Mazama Store’s annual Pizza Night, which always draws a crowd.

The Lost River airstrip had some unusual activity this weekend with the arrival of a sailplane on the runway. These are motorless gliders.  The name of the pilot is unknown, said Rudy Peterson, who was on the scene as the craft was being dismantled for transit. There was no crash, but as Rudy was told, the craft was flying from Twisp when it was caught in a downdraft and fortunately the first officer was able to bring it in and land with no injuries to him or the plane.