Okanogan County District Court

Timothy James Sprague, 57, of Twisp, pleaded guilty to Making False Statements to a Public Servant. He was sentenced to 180 days with 180 suspended and fined a total of $468.


Marriage License

Alexis Erin Monetta, 25, Twisp, and Travis Gregory Port, 26, Twisp.


Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office

April 30

CIVIL DISPUTE: Caller on Old Twisp Highway reported that someone had cleared their land and was asking for options.

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported at a house on Highway 20, Winthrop. They came in through the bathroom window.

May 1

UNSECURE PREMISES: An open door was reported at the PUD substation on Highway 20, Twisp. The building was secured.

CHECK ON WELFARE: A possible stroke was reported on Rendezvous Road, Winthrop. The patient was concerned that her husband might become violent toward emergency responders.

May 2

UTILITY PROBLEM: A utility pole was reported down on Highway 153, Twisp. Some sparking was reported. The PUD responded.

May 3

NOISE COMPLAINT: A noise complaint was reported on West Chewuch Road, Winthrop, apparently from a loud motorcycle.

May 4

ABANDONED VEHICLE: An abandoned vehicle with its windows broken out was reported on Highway 20, Winthrop.


Twisp Police Department

April 30

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported on East Second Avenue.

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: A malicious mischief incident was reported on West Twisp Avenue.

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: A malicious mischief incident was reported on Canyon Street, where someone kicked in a door and then left.

CIVIL STANDBY: A caller on Riverside Avenue requested a civil standby so she could pick up her possessions.

May 1

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: A non-injury accident was reported on Elbow Coulee Road. An unoccupied car was found off the road and nearly in a pond.

May 2

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Suspicious activity was reported on West Twisp Avenue.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: An animal problem was reported on Canyon Street.

May 3

TRAFFIC HAZARD: A traffic hazard was reported on East Twisp Avenue.

May 5

CIVIL DISPUTE: A person on Burton Street reported that they were attempting to take a snowmobile but a person at the scene was refusing to let them take it. The caller was the executor of an estate. The parties apparently worked it out.

NOISE COMPLAINT: A noise complaint came from East Fifth Avenue, related to loud music being played by neighbors.

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: A domestic issue was reported on Wagner Street.

UNSECURED PREMISES: Caller reported an open window at a location on East Second Avenue. The window was secured.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: At traffic hazard was report on West Second Avenue.


Winthrop Marshal’s Office

April 30

EXTRA PATROL: A caller requested extra police patrols at Filer Avenue and Washington Street, particularly during school bus pick-up hours, because a car has been seen speeding in the area and is an ongoing problem.

May 4

CITIZEN ASSIST: A man on Castle Avenue was reported to be in a highly agitated state and wanted to know if he had warrants outstanding, and threatened to rob a bank. No warrants were found.

May 5

SUICIDE ATTEMPT: A man was reported to be near the Town Hall in Winthrop, threatening to shoot himself. He was not armed. County mental health authorities were advised.

FOUND PROPERTY: A child’s bicycle was reported found at Edgefield Road and Wolf Creek Road, Winthrop.


Compiled by Don Nelson

Source: Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office