Marriage licenses

Chaya Joie Kudla, 33, Twisp, and Tyler Lundgren McGrath, 31, Twisp.

Denise Marie Pitman, 61, Carlton, and Pamela Ann Merkle, 63, Twisp.


Decrees of Dissolution

The court dissolved the marriage of the petitioner Lori Northcott and the respondent Robert Stanbery from Winthrop.

The court dissolved the marriage of the petitioner Jason Martins from Twisp and the respondent Shari Martins.


Okanogan County Sheriff

June 3

CUSTODIAL INTERFERENCE: A custodial interference issue was reported on Highway 153, Carlton.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: A traffic hazard was reported on Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road.

VICIOUS ANIMAL: Caller reported that while he was riding his bike on Witte Road, Winthrop, a dog ran at him, barking and growling. The dog did not make physical contact.

June 5

WARRANT ARREST: A warrant arrest was executed on Magers Street, Twisp.

June 8

STRAY ANIMAL: A large bull was reported on the side of Highway 20 at Tice Ranch Road, Twisp.

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: A person in Twisp reported that they had received text messages from someone claiming to have shot someone.

June 9

CITIZEN DISPUTE: A caller on Highway 20, Twisp, reported that man had just left the caller’s residence and threw a shovel full of dirt at him.

ACCIDENT: A vehicle accident was reported on French Creek Road, Carlton. A man was reported to have a leg injury.

NOISE: A noise complaint was reported from Upper Beaver Creek Road, Twisp, possibly caused by a party.


Twisp Police Department

June 4

BURGLARY: A burglary was reported on Magers Street.

SICK ANIMAL: An injured deer was reported on Twin Lakes Road just off of Highway 20.

June 6

CIVIL COMPLAINT: A civil complaint was reported on Horseshoe Trail Court.

CITIZEN ASSIST: An officer helped a person jump-start their vehicle.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: A traffic hazard was reported at Harrison and June streets.

VICIOUS ANIMAL: Caller on Riverside Avenue reported that a large dog had just killed one of the caller’s chickens.

June 7

DISORDERLY: Caller on Second Avenue reported that some people across the street were yelling that they “don’t do violence.”

June 8

ASSAULT: An assault was reported on North Glover Street. It was a verbal dispute.

NOISE: A noise complaint came from May and June streets, related to loud music.

CHECK ON WELFARE: A person on East Second Avenue asked for a check on the welfare of their neighbor.


Winthrop Marshal’s Office

June 6

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Some suspicious activity was reported on Twisp-Winthrop Eastside Road.

CHECK ON WELFARE: Caller on Castle Avenue asked for a check on the welfare of their neighbor, who they had not been able to contact.

June 8

THEFT: It was reported that a car left an establishment on Riverside Avenue without paying $95 for fuel.


Compiled by Don Nelson

Source: Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office