20 years ago  – June 10, 19935grad

With moments to go – Lee Woody, Toby Pennock, Pat Fischer, Kjell Nykreim, Paul Schmekel, Bill McAdow and Don Waller wait nervously outside the gym for graduation.


40 Years Ago –  1973

Puts Methow Valley on Map – Mick Eiffert Thrills Racing Fans
Twisp’s own Mick Eiffert came roaring out of the hills Saturday night to capture first place in the heat race for Stock B cars at Wenatchee Speedway. The rookie driver from the Methow Valley took fifth in the 25-lap main on the quarter-mile asphalt oval. Eiffert blasted his way into the winners circle aboard a 1932 Chevrolet coupe sponsored by Mick’s Mobil and Sunny Steer Land and Ranch Co., two Twisp firms. The powerful blue coupe, No. 18, made its debut by burning its brand into the hides of all fans at the track. The car is the creation of master mechanic Stan Garner of the Methow Valley. He and his crew worked feverishly for six weeks building the blue bombshell. The car was finally finished at 7:30 p.m. on Friday night before the race. The coupe is powered by a Ford 312 engine and has Ford running gear. The team will be racing in Stock B competition every Saturday night in Wenatchee, Spokane and in Canada.


60 years ago –   June 11, 1953

A Word From your Governor – Arthur Langlie
Since 1853 when the Territory of Washington was established, about 6,000 citizens of our state have died in all the wars fought during the past century. But in the last 15 years of this first century, about 7,500 Washington men, women and children perished on our highways as the result of traffic accidents. Speeding, inattention and failure to yield the right-of-way are the principal causes of highway accidents. Disregard for signals, driving under the influence of  intoxicating liquor and following too closely make up the second trio of major accident causes.  When you analyze the major causes for accidents, you’ll find they’re all man-caused. Very few accidents are unavoidable.

Young People to Have Charge of Service Sunday
In the absence of the regular pastor this Sunday, services will be held in the local Methodist church, with the young people of college age in complete charge of the morning service. Service is held at 11:30 a.m.


80 years ago –   June 9, 1933

“Hey Skinna-a-a-a-y! I’ve Got a Real Remington.”
And all the pride of owning  a real honest-to-goodness Remington Portable is in the hail to “Skinnay.” A real Remington – with a four-row keyboard like the big machines in Dad’s office. Now it’s fun to do school work and write letters and stories. And watch those school marks get better and better. The only thing – Dad must not borrow it too often for his office “homework”. Nor Mother for her correspondence and other writing tasks. For this little machine will do just about everything you’d expect a portable to do. And at such surprisingly low cost – the lowest in history. Only $19.75. And if more convenient, terms are cheerfully granted. Drop in today and see the Remington Portable at $19.75. Methow Valley News, Twisp, Washington


100 years ago –   June 13, 1913

It is good to receive the praise from readers of this paper who live at a distance, and who express their appreciation of the newsy columns that keep them posted on the progress of the country. These letters arrive frequently, each containing renewal, and of one accord in proclaiming the little old Methow Valley News a good, live newspaper.

Cemetery Benefit, $54.75
The entertainment put on at the opera last Friday evening for the benefit of Beaver Creek cemetery by Miss Agnes Barton and Mrs. Ashton, assisted by local talent, was an enjoyable affair, and highly appreciated by the large crowd that attended the concert. The Gypsy Serenade, in costume, by Miss Barton and Mrs. Ashton was especially enjoyed. The entertainment netted the cemetery fund $54.75. Work will be started at an early date on improving and beautifying the cemetery, where roads and walks will be built, and shade and ornamental trees set out.


Compiled by Marilyn Bardin