mailbox-logoOther needs

Dear Editor:

When I read that Winthrop has been granted $862,000 for more trails and refrigeration for the ice rink I thought, this is great news! Now we won’t need a parks and recreation tax district. We can focus on funding for our critical infrastructure needs – upgraded water lines for Twisp and Winthrop, street improvements, a better facility for the Winthrop Marshal’s Office, upgrading Twisp Town Hall, additional personnel for local law enforcement. And for the 20 percent of Methow residents who exist below the poverty line, continuing the backpack lunch program for students.

Eileen Owen, Winthrop


An eyesore

Dear Editor:

The Liberty Bell High School class of 2012 respectfully played their car welding prank and removed the evidence promptly. Thank you!

When the class of 2013 exited Liberty Bell they left behind a huge Pepto Bismol-pink eyesore visible from many places. When I received MV Pride, I had to wonder if it really should be MV prideful. Just what kind of values does the class of 2013 have?

Ardis Bynum, Winthrop


Noxious threat

Dear Editor:

The Skyline Ditch has recently discovered a particularly unpleasant noxious weed known as Houndstongue growing on our right of way in the upper West Chewuch Road area. As part of our efforts to eradicate this unwelcome invader, we have discovered that it has been in the valley for years and exists on private properties on both sides of the Chewuch River as well as in other locations. Since we have found out just how noxious this weed is, we want to advise the larger Methow community to be on the lookout for it.

Houndstongue is toxic to horses and other livestock and animals can die six month after consuming this plant. It can also be toxic if it is cut and baled in hay fields. More info can be found at by contacting the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board ( or (360) 725-5764), or the Okanogan Weed Control Board ( or (509) 422-7165).

It is relatively easy to control (as these things go) if you catch it early and if you (and your neighbors) are diligent. It is our understanding that pulling the weed up to get the roots and spraying are effective measures of control. Let’s stamp out all the noxious weeds for the benefit of all – humans and animals.

Geof Childs, president, For the Skyline Ditch Association, Winthrop


A great dance

Dear Editor:

This year I had the honor to work with some amazing people of the Twisp community to put on the first annual Father-Daughter Dance. The turnout was amazing! The stars came out for us. Fifty Methow fathers/father figures and their lovely ladies came to enjoy their special relationships, with lots of dancing and tasty homemade cookies.

I want to thank all the volunteers that came out to help set up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you – these amazing folks of the Methow spent six hours decorating the gym.

To all the ladies and gents that made the scrumptious, lip-smacking cookies, thank you, as well as to the Methow Valley Community Center for letting us use their gym. And, thank you to all the merchants who helped us make it a wonderful night. Without you all, this would never have happened. I look forward to next year. See you in February or March!

Holly Wilmot, Carlton


Best parade

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to thank everyone that helped me make this Fourth of July parade the best. A big shout out to all of my fans who make it so darn fun every time. I look forward to doing it again next year. Be safe and “cheers” to a great summer.

Zitella Gates, Twisp


Good reminder

Dear Editor:

Thank you for reminding us about Andy Johnson. Sometimes we get so involved in our own worlds, we forget about those suffering and working on life in general. Please give Andy, Don and Karen your support; physically, emotionally and financially; they are all priceless.

Jan Erickson, Winthrop