Senior-Center-thumbFriday was dance day and a large group of happy seniors came for lunch and dancing, even though the day was very warm. But where else can you get a delicious, nutritious meal with drinks and desert for $3.75, and not have to slave over a hot stove for hours, and eat and visit with your friends? The bridge girls retired to the small dining room to play cards the rest of the afternoon.

We have one gentleman who is 100 years old and he never misses a dance and dances every dance. It always amazes me how active he is. I want some of whatever he takes to keep so healthy.

Nancy Sitts is the senior of the month. If anyone sees her, let her know.

Congratulations went out to Bill and Diana Hottell on their anniversary on the weekend. May they keep on making music together for many more years.

Blood pressure checks will be Thursday before lunch. Bingo for our members is on July 18.

Rosalie Hutson



Senior menu

Thur, July 11: Lasagna, Caesar salad, Italian vegetables, mixed berries, garlic bread, ice cream.

Fri, July 12: Barbecue chicken, stuffing, broccoli, pea and cheese salad, peaches, whole wheat bread or roll, pudding.

Mon, July 15: Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, lettuce and tomato salad, green beans, whole wheat roll, apricot crisp.

Thur, July 18: Chicken cacciatore, bowtie pasta, Italian vegetables, fruit cocktail, whole wheat roll, pudding.