Sharla Lynn. left, and Sara Ashford work on projects at Wednesday’s “Sip ‘n’ Spin” session at Matt Armbrust’s pottery studio.

Seven new and experienced ceramic artists to turn out for the first “Sip ‘n’ Spin” session at Matt Armbrust’s pottery studio in TwispWorks’ north warehouse last week. The free open studio time from 6-9 p.m. each Wednesday gives opportunities to “practice pot-throwing skills or just chat,” said Armbrust. Lynn, who said she hadn’t worked in clay since childhood, remarked that “working on the wheel is therapeutic.”


Ivan Johnson and Isabel Salas worked with Teen Center coordinator Jill Beckerman to draw designs onto a mesh base during Activity Night.


Damien Wallis began his mosaic work by gluing bits of colored tile onto the base to create a pattern.

Earlier in the evening, four teens started broken-tile mosaics during Activity Night at the Valley Teen Center. “Kids who know the technique can teach it to those unfamiliar with it,” coordinator Jill Beckerman said. Work on the mosaics will continue until August, when they will be installed on the walls of the center. Wednesday activity nights will continue through the summer with topics from gardening to DJ skills to bike repair. For more information call the Teen Center at (206) 790-7264.

Photos by Laurelle Walsh