When you come into the center, check out our pretty new electric “open” sign. We are really getting high class.

Now that the Western Sale is all done and cleaned up, the gals who are doing the Winter Sale have moved into the sale room and are busy getting ready for it. I know we haven’t had summer yet and we are already thinking about winter. But these big sales are almost a year-long process to get ready. And winter and cold weather will come back. But for now, enjoy the sun and heat.

Have a fun Fourth of July. Maybe I will see you at the parade in town. It’s always fun to watch.

Howard Brewer was showing off his big red welt on his arm, where a black widow spider decided to take a bite out of it. Hope Howard found the spider and squished it.

We are closed the Fourth, but there will be a dance Friday (July 5).  Blood pressure checks will be postponed to the second Thursday, July 11.

Thanks to everyone who has been bringing in the paper bags. Keep it up – we can store the extras and bring them out as needed.

We are planning our annual barbecue and picnic for our senior members. It will be July 24. I am going to put a list out so people can sign up,  so we know how many burgers John will have to barbeque. More details on that subject later.

People have been taking things away that have been left as donations on the porch. Please know that you are on camera, and we can call the police on you, as you are stealing.

Rosalie Hutson


This week’s menu:

Thur, July 4: Closed for Independence Day.

Fri, July 5: Fish and chips, coleslaw, mixed vegetables, garlic bread, berry cobbler.

Mon, July 8: Beef stroganoff, peas and carrots, spinach salad, garlic bread, rhubarb crisp.

Thur, July 11: Lasagna, Caesar salad, Italian vegetables, mixed berries, garlic bread, ice cream.