mailbox-logoSOME WORK NEEDED

Dear Editor:

No signs – how will all the visitors know where the town is, what is next? More rust – we do have some dirty-looking houses at the end of Glover Street. But our chamber of commerce doesn’t make it look nice. They are supposed to help a town.

The Winthrop Chamber of Commerce does things all the time. Maybe we should hire them. We can have a skating rink too. All that flat land east of town would be ideal. But that takes work.

We do have a sign at the end of Glover Street but it is so dark that nobody sees it. The town finally put in a teen center but we still have a lot of rusty artifacts.

Dorothy Karcutski, Twisp



Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Winthrop Kiwanis Club, I would like to extend a hearty “thank you” to all of the people that showed up Sunday for the work party held at the Twisp Sports Complex. I did not have a chance to get an exact count, but there were in excess of 30 people of all ages that turned out to help.

A tremendous amount of work was accomplished in a few hours. There was a good turnout of youth from baseball and soccer leagues as well as parents, town folk and Kiwanians. Lots of rocks were picked up, a truckload of topsoil was spread in low and bare spots and seeded, trees were trimmed, earth moved, cyclone fencing moved, and lots of sage and bitterbrush removed from the site of the future soccer field. There is a lot more to do, but a great deal was done.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Andy Oosterhof of F&S Excavating for the donation of the fill dirt, also a big thanks to Ross Darling who brought both a Bobcat and a dump truck, and many thanks to “Bad Bob” Ulrich who showed up with his backhoe. We intend to have more work parties in the future and will get the word out.

Gary Erickson, Twisp



Dear Editor:

Last month, we not only lost a great friend, but also a great monument, a great cornerstone, and a great devotee to the incredible place called the Methow Valley.

As the mighty glaciers once carved out the valley we now call home, Vicky Welch and her tireless efforts and love for the Methow “carved out” and set the foundation for much of the way of life we are all able to enjoy today.

Serving on the first Methow Valley Land Use Committee in 1978, being one of the original “Methow 7” (you know who you are), being one of the founders of the Methow Valley Citizens Council (originally the Methow Valley Preservation Committee), helping adopt the first Land Use Comprehensive Plan for the upper valley, being a precinct committee person (to name a few of her activities), and also contributing a lot of time and money and energy in other valley events, Vicky tirelessly devoted a huge part of her life to save and preserve the unique, pristine, safe, clean, beautifully scenic Methow Valley. And also never compromising time and values spent with her family, her friends and her farm.

I am very fortunate to have known her and to have worked with her over the years. I acknowledge and feel heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for her love and devotion in laying the groundwork for the sparkling style of life we all enjoy here. Thank you, dear friend, for all you are and all you’ve done.

Randy S. Levine, Carlton



Dear Editor:

Come join us in the Wagner Memorial Pool. The water is fantastic. It is worth all the hard work when we can see the kids enjoying the water safely in our pool. Lessons have started and the children are not shivering through them. The swimming team is of course stellar. They practice hard and it shows at the swim meets. The new boiler is something we can all be proud of.

Thank you everyone for your support and generous donations. We are sprucing up the fish paintings on the pool building. Give us a call (997-2910) if you’d like your name up there. It is our way of continuing support for the pool. Join us, the water is fine.

Patty Yates, Twisp