Senior News


Well another day and another dollar or more in the case of our Western Sale Finale. Many high-fives to Fae Graves and Randee Colyar for their leadership and countless hours on this event. We are ever in awe of their work ethic and talent. We love ya! Also note that they did not do this totally alone, although I am sure it felt like it at times. Our many volunteers and husbands managed to put in a lot of hours also. More kudos to our esteemed auctioneer John and his wife. I have always wanted to be able to speak auctionese. Such a fun time to see all the excitement of the auction process. “Who gives a 10 dolla’, 10, 10 … .” John sure can spit it out. Fun.

Because of the valley’s generous support of this event and patronage of our thrift store throughout the year, we were able to present six $1,000 scholarships to the following Liberty Bell High School seniors: Alex Bosco, Cierra Ebbert, Joseph Hausman, Keana King, Teddi Smith and Zane Stanbery. Although $1,000 does not go very far for college tuition, we hope this will give each of the above a start on whatever endeavor they choose to pursue. Ah, to be young again. As always, we salute the folks in our valley who are ready and willing to support us.

After working our little fingers to the bone, we are about to go on a fun event this week.  Yahoo, buckeroo. We volunteers are going on a horse-drawn wagon ride culminating in a Cowboy Cookout. What can be more fun than that! Hope none of us gets bucked out of the wagon.

Remember, you too can join our group of volunteers. The pay is fun, laughs, a free bag of donated items, and lunch at Chez Senior Center for each day worked. Best job I ever had. Come join us. We are a fun-loving bunch always looking for new friends.

Last Thursday, seven seniors received a no-cost oral exam and teeth cleaning by a licensed dental hygienist through a program provided by Aging and Adult Care of Okanogan County. Unfortunately, no diamond studs were available to implant on a front tooth. Now that is a sparkling smile. Maybe next year.