It is a beautiful, perfect day in Carlton. According to my telephone, it’s 82 degrees out there and the sun is shining, there’s a slight breeze, butterflies are flitting about and flowers are absolutely glowing. All this from a phone. It is such a joy to sit indoors and type out that valuable information for you.

There was a post office meeting for the general public this week that I didn’t go to, so someone else will have to tell you about that. But other fun things happened in that same vein. For example, did you know you could write someone’s address on a banana and drop it in a mailbox and it will be delivered? Me neither. In fact, you probably can’t do that. But you have to admit that a banana exists inside its own fairly sturdy envelope. I’m just saying if you want to send food, say, to your favorite college student but don’t have time to get a box and some paper and tape, it seems like the banana thing should work. Of course now with so many post offices around the country  closing or reducing their hours, who knows how long a banana will have to sit in a mailbox waiting for the postman to pick it up and take it on his appointed rounds? This whole banana story is beginning to sound like a not very good idea. Still, sending a banana in its own natural envelope rather than peeling it and putting it in a paper envelope is probably the better way to go. Oh well, no one writes letters any more.

Also in Carlton, I’ve fallen way behind on what’s the haps at the store, the river, the poetry center, the church and I guess that’s all there is in Carlton. This is the kind of town you hear about and wonder how anybody could live there. And I mean that in the best way.