grad-postForty-eight Liberty Bell High School and Independent Learning Center grads celebrated their transition from high school to college, the Armed Forces, the workforce, competitive ski racing and world travels at Friday’s commencement. Speakers reflected on the meaning of home; the class’s many accomplishments in academics, athletics and the arts; and their antics on and off campus. Photo by Marcy Stamper


Class of 2013: On to different lives

The Liberty Bell High School class of 2013 joined family, friends and faculty for commencement exercises last Friday (June 7) in the school gym. Here’s a look at the graduates, where they are headed, and awards and scholarships they earned:

Sage Abate, University of Washington.

Jachin Anderson, Spokane Community College.

Emilee Bailey, Skagit Valley Community College.

Alexander Bosco, University of Washington.

Devin Butler, Eastern Washington University.

Johnnie Duguay, Gonzaga University Honors Program.

Cierra Ebbert, Western Washington University.

Samantha Eiffert, Whatcom Community College.

Alexa Gee, Wenatchee Valley College.

Amaya Gracie, Western Washington University.

Andrew Gray, Oregon Coast Culinary Institute.

Duncan Hanron, Seattle University.

Joseph Hausman, Western Washington University.

Nolan Jensen, work force.

Alexander Jones, ski racing competitions.

Keana King, Washington State University.

Tamara Klein, work force.

Rose Laguzza, Western Washington University.

Rachel Layne, Western Washington University.

Timothy Lewis, Washington State University.

Charles Long, armed forces.

Damen Martin, Seattle Central Community College.

Justin McMillan, work force.

Michael Michael, North Idaho College.

Dylan Mills, Western Washington University.

Amber Ness, Skagit Valley Community College.

Jacqueline Ann O’Keefe, Colorado College.

Manuel Perez, Spokane Community College.

McKenna Risley, work force.

Andrew Ryan, work force.

Nicholas Saunders, University of Washington NASA Space Scholar Program.

Seppe Sebreghts, Howest College.

John Sinclair, music internship in Seattle.

Theodora Smith, Wenatchee Valley College.

Zane Stanbery, Gonzaga University.

Nicolas Ulmer, Western Washington University.

Farleigh Walker, Central Washington University.

Cricket Whittaker, Seattle Central Community College.

Aaron Wiley, work force.

Taylor Woodruff, traveling to Patagonia.

Thomas Zbyszewski, Whitman University.



Washington State Honors Awards: Alex Bosco, Johnnie Duguay, Duncan Hanron, Jacqueline O’Keefe, Nick Saunders, Tom Zbyszewski.

Liberty Bell Honors Diplomas: Alex Bosco, Johnnie Duguay, Jacqueline O’Keefe, Nick Saunders, Tom Zbyszewski.

Peer Mediation Award: Amaya Gracie, Damen Martin, Mikey Michael, Seppe Sebreghts, Farleigh Walker, Cricket Whittaker, Tom Zbyszewski.

Public School Funding Alliance Award: Nick Saunders, Tom Zbyszewski.

ASB Award: Nick Saunders, Sage Abate, Johnnie Duguay, Tom Zbyszewski.

Principal’s Award: Jacqueline O’Keefe, Devin Butler.

Loretta Casey Citizenship Award: Jacqueline O’Keefe, Tom Zbyszewski

Key Club Senior Sashes: Sage Abate, Alex Bosco, Johnnie Duguay, Cierra Ebbert, Duncan Hanron, Tim Lewis, Jacqueline O’Keefe, Tom Zbyszewski.

Community Service Award: 50+ hours, Joe Hausman, Keana King, Dylan Mills, Amber Ness; 150+ hours, Alex Bosco, Emilee Bailey, Cierra Ebbert, Johnnie Duguay, Duncan Hanron, Tim Lewis, Mikey Michael, Jacqueline O’Keefe, Nick Saunders, John Sinclair, Teddi Smith, Cricket Whittaker, Tom Zbyszewski.

Little Star Montessori School Award: Taylor Woodruff.

National Honor Society Awards: Sage Abate, Alex Bosco, Johnnie Duguay, Cierra Ebbert, Amaya Gracie, Duncan Hanron, Joe Hausman, Jacqueline O’Keefe, Nick Saunders, John Sinclair, Nic Ulmer, Taylor Woodruff, Tom Zbyszewski.

Central Washington 2B Scholar Athletes: Sage Abate, Alex Bosco, Johnnie Duguay, Cierra Ebbert, Duncan Hanron, Joe Hausman, Rose Laguzza, Jacqueline O’Keefe, Nick Saunders, Nic Ulmer, Tom Zbyszewski.

LBHS Senior Athlete Award: Johnnie Duguay, Justin McMillan.

Claude Watkins Award: Jacqueline O’Keefe.



Methow Valley Education Foundation: Alex Bosco, Cierra Ebbert, Duncan Hanron, Joe Hausman, Keana King, Damen Martin, Nick Saunders, Tom Zbyszewski.

Jim Erickson Memorial Scholarship: Sage Abate, Amber Ness.

Winthrop Kiwanis Scholarship: Sage Abate, Alex Bosco, Johnnie Duguay, Cierra Ebbert, Duncan Hanron, Jacqueline O’Keefe, Tim Lewis, Tom Zbyszewski.

American Legion Auxiliary: Zane Stanbery.

The Methow Valley Eagles Scholarship: Devin Butler, Joe Hausman, Amber Ness.

Methow Valley Senior Citizens Scholarship: Alex Bosco, Cierra Ebbert, Joe Hausman, Keana King, Teddi Smith, Zane Stanbery.

Vern Heath Memorial: Joe Hausman.

Windermere Foundation Scholarship: Johnnie Duguay.

Jordan and Chase Brandenburg Memorial: Sage Abate, Cierra Ebbert, Taylor Woodruff.

The Country Clinic Memorial: Taylor Woodruff.

Evan Robertson Award: Nick Saunders.

Dennis P. Wilson Award: Keana King.

LFW Dance Award: Amaya Gracie.

Methow Valley Education Association: Sage Abate, Johnnie Duguay, Duncan Hanron.

Methow Valley Cascaders 4H: Tim Lewis.

Methow Valley PSE Scholarship: Amber Ness.

Methow Valley Snowmobile Association: Jachin Anderson.

Winthrop Alumni Association: Devin Butler, Joe Hausman.

Wenatchee North Rotary Scholar Athlete: Jacqueline O’Keefe.

Nedra Thurlow Horn Memorial: Sage Abate, Alex Bosco, Devin Butler, Cierra Ebbert, Duncan Hanron, Joe Hausman, Tim Lewis, Amber Ness, Tom Zbyszewski.

The Steiner Foundation Scholarship: Jacqueline O’Keefe.

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship: Joe Hausman.

Okanogan Masonic Lodge-Herbert & Elizabeth Davis Scholarship: Sage Abate, Johnnie Duguay, Joe Hausman.

Washington State College Bound Scholarship: Emilee Bailey, Alex Bosco, Devin Butler, Cierra Ebbert, Amaya Gracie, Duncan Hanron, Amber Ness, Farleigh Walker.


College & University scholarships

Johnnie Duguay: Gonzaga University Trustee Scholarship, Ignatius Leaders Scholarship, Gonzaga Grant, Gonzaga University Honors scholarship.

Cierra Ebbert: Western Washington University Presidential Scholarship.

Andrew Gray: Oregon Coast Culinary Institute Friends and Family Scholarship.

Duncan Hanron: Seattle University Trustees Scholarship.

Joe Hausman: Western Washington University College Success Foundation Scholarship.

Keana King: Washington State Future Cougar of Color.

Amber Ness: Skagit Valley Community College Guy Anderson and Deryl Walls Art Scholarship.

Nick Saunders: University of Washington NASA Space Scholars.

Zane Stanbery: Gonzaga University Academic Scholarship and Gonzaga Grant.

Tom Zbyszewski: Whitman University Pearson Achievement Scholarship