Dark glasses-hatBY SUE MISAO

Carlton on poetry is Carlton indeed, and it’s all coming to a venue near you, right in the downtown corridor, specifically that building across the street from the store (call 341-9199 if you need directions) starting on Earth Day, April 22, in the form of a “Poetry Open House” with cookies and punch, hosted by Carlton’s unofficial poet laureate, Abbie Miller. People can come and recite poetry or listen to poetry or just eat the cookies and drink the punch.  You can even sit in a corner and write poetry if that’s your druther. More information will follow but this is just to plant the idea in your head, something I’ve been doing for years now and you all have been very receptive.

Meanwhile, the cow picture from last week, and yes I know it’s really a bull but they’re all just cows to me, has garnered a $25 bid from someone who is obviously artistically savvy. Do I hear $26? It’s a classic that will be worth millions one day. And it turns out the artist might be JB Lucas instead of BJ Lucas. That info comes courtesy of Cosmic Rose, who is constantly winning the Internet.

Let’s talk about cell service in the Methow Valley, particularly in  Carlton, and more pinpointy at my house on Libby Creek. It’s non-existent because I live at the bottom of a swamp hole, but I can still text endlessly because, technology. In fact, I just sent a text to my son, who is in a room 10 feet away and who won’t see the text until he walks out here and actually checks his phone which is about five feet from where I’m sitting, but it’s worth it because that way I can “talk” to him without actually talking to him, and force him to answer me while appearing to completely ignore him. This is my idea of efficient parenting.

OK, that’s all you get for now, I’m too busy to sit here and type for you. Get your own typewriter. Write a poem. Bring it to the new poetry place on Earth Day and read it to the people. Wear a hat. Look small but feel big. Bare your soul then talk about your irrigation problems. Eat a cookie. Wash it down with ”punch.”