Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Chavey family I would like to thank all of the generous people of the Methow Valley who made this year’s Cystic Fibrosis Bike-a-Thon a huge success. On hundred people participated and we raised over $10,000 for critical research. This wonderful event would not be possible without the many business sponsors, volunteers and riders that donate their money and time in order to create a day of giving and service to those 30,000 American children and adults living with cystic fibrosis. As a result of events like these there are great strides being made toward a cure. Thank you, Methow Valley!

Adrian Chavey, SPED Paraprofessional, Methow Valley School District



Dear Editor:

In the May 8 issue, Patrick McGann had a fine romp in his column by simply presuming desirability when the respondent said possibility. McGann refers to a poll of Americans where one-third of the respondents thought it might be possible that the national government could become a tyranny. He paints that third of Americans as comically irrational.

In the context of the current administration’s use of the all-powerful IRS to suppress political opposition in the 2012 election cycle and the wholesale crackdown on the Associated Press wire service, I am not so perfectly confident in our democracy. A president might decide political opposition or criticism was getting in the way of fighting terrorism.

I agree with Oliver Cromwell’s advice while dealing with a king: “Put your trust in God; but mind to keep your powder dry.”

Dan Aspenwall, Winthrop



Dear Editor:

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to our amazing community for its support of the Valley Teen Center’s production of Methow Voices: Teens Speak. This was an inspiring project to be a part of thanks to the great energy and drive contributed by the teens as well as the generosity of many adults.

Three adults that shouldn’t go without huge acknowledgement are Lois Garland, Elan Ebeling and Annie McKay. Lois brought an existing connection with the teens that made the production possible and a vision that made this project shine. Elan and Annie both worked tirelessly to bring together the final production, certainly above and beyond their duties as AmeriCorps volunteers.

The teen center has been fortunate to have their service over the past year, for their dedication to so many projects including this one. I am fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with them. Special thanks go to the Twisp Valley Grange and KTRT for sponsoring this important event, which helped foster connections between the adults and youth of our community!

The Valley Teen Center is actively recruiting volunteer chaperones for Friday nights. This is a fun opportunity to build deeper connections with our local youth and give back to your community. I’ve been working with the teen center for the past couple years and it is truly one of my favorite things to do. The wisdom and humor of the teens is endlessly entertaining and becoming a role model is highly rewarding. If you or someone you know would like to get involved, contact the teen center volunteer coordinator Jill by emailing

Karissa McLane, Twisp