arts-treasureisland-thumbBY LAURELLE WALSH

The Liberty Bell Junior High School Drama Class, under the direction of Jane Orme, presents the play Treasure Island on Thursday, Friday and Sunday (May 16, 17 and 19) at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp.

Friday and Saturday’s shows start at 7 p.m.; Sunday’s matinee begins at 2 p.m. All shows are $3 for students and $5 for adults.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, and adapted for stage by playwright Joseph George Caruso, the swashbuckling adventure story Treasure Island is the source of many of our popular perceptions of pirates, including the expression “Shiver me timbers,” a treasure map marked with an “X,” and plenty of “aargh!”

The play follows young Jim Hawkins on a voyage across the sea in search of buried treasure, pursued by the villainous Long John Silver and his band of pirates.

Orme’s students read about pirates in class and enjoyed perfecting their pirate-y “aarghs” and “aye mateys!” with substitute teacher Steve Dixon, “the master of pirate talk,” Orme said.

Period costumes for the show are on loan from the Okanogan Valley Orchestra and Chorus; set pieces and props were built by the Liberty Bell construction class; and lights and sound will be run by students Nate Hirsch and Mackenzie Just.

Seventh-grade cast members are Emily Paul and Jordyn Rodio. Eighth-graders include Derek Alumbaugh, Haley Bakke, Jennifer Colvin, Megan Dammann, Mattea Derushe, Amelia Eberline, Emma Halpin, Nate Hirsch, Sebastian Hogness, Mia Kennedy, Hailey Klein, Tiffani Lewis, Khristina Oestreich, Exie Romero, Erin Schuh, Jesse Tissell, and Damien Wallis.

Treasure Island will be Orme’s last play at Liberty Bell Junior-Senior High School before she retires at the end of this school year.

For more information call the school office at 996-2215.