community-little-starUpholding a rite of passage that has been held in the valley for the past 15 or so years, on Monday afternoon (May 6) 18 Liberty Bell High School seniors went back to Little Star Montessori School to pose for pictures with their pre-school teachers, Rayma Hayes and Sandy Welfelt.
Jennifer Duguay, who now teaches fifth grade but who was a Little Star teacher during this particular class’s preschool years, also joined the group for the photo. The day was especially memorable because it was Rayma Hayes’ birthday. These Montessori alumni speak fondly of their time at Little Star. Many of them maintain close relationships with Sandy and Rayma and many of them will attend Little Star’s “Disco Fever” auction next week to help in the kitchen as a way of giving back to the school they loved so much and learned so much from.


Photo courtesy of Ashley Lodato