art-WildMind-thumbThe Wild Mind Film Camp is coming back to Twisp.
The 11-day workshop for documentary filmmakers, which debuted here last summer, will be held this year from July 17-28. It is described in promotional materials as an “immersive filmmaking workshop is taught by some of the most accomplished reality storytellers in the business.”
“The camp is designed to give non-fiction filmmakers a personal focus and a sharp set of hands-on skills for making meaningful, entertaining and impactful documentaries,” according to the release.
Classes, workshops and screenings will be held at TwispWorks, and workshop participants are lodged nearby. The workshops focus on storytelling and narrative structure, cinematography, and editing, according to the camp’s website. Each participant will produce a three- to five-minute film. The films will be shown for the public on the last night of the camp.
 “Documentaries require great mastery of filmmaking skills from interviewing to editing. Being able to respond to live situations in the moment, and keeping focused at all times on the needs of your story,” said Wild Mind co-founder Doug Pray.
Wild Mind Film Camp’s four instructors have produced films that led to 14 Sundance premieres, four Emmys and an Oscar.
The workshop will be limited to 10 students, who will be selected based on the strength of their previous work and a statement of intent. The application deadline is April 15. Tuition is $3,000 and includes instruction, equipment, and room and board.
Interested filmmakers can apply by visiting the website,